Our partners

Our partners

We are very excited to have multi disciplinary team members co locating with us in clinic.
If you are a professional looking to co locate with us please get in contact.

Cassandra Stanford

MUSIC THERAPIST – Available Monday’s

0425 242 288

A registered music therapist is a musician who has studied a masters degree in understanding how music can affect our brains and our bodies.

Music therapy is a research-based, allied health profession that can support anyone to improve their health, functioning and wellbeing using different music therapy methods.

Examples of things you might do

Develop playlists that can support sleep, emotional regulation or other needs.
Play instruments and sing songs that inspire play in order to support communication (verbal and non-verbal), physical goals (fine and gross motor skills) or relationship skills (developing relationships with the therapist and others).

Therapeutic instrumental learning to support brain development, coordination, memory skills, self-regulation skills and creative expression.

Jo Stanford

ACCREDITED PRACTICING DIETICIAN – available via telehealth only

Central Dietetics
0492 884 252

Can help with:

Fussy eaters – helping to expand food variety using positive feeding strategies and an SOS Approach to Feeding.

Delays in feeding skills and starting solid foods – supporting parents and carers to teach feeding skills to their children where it doesn’t come as naturally.

Growth issues – helping children grow well, advice about nutritional supplements.

Food intolerances and allergies – investigate intolerances, balanced eating while avoiding allergy foods. (Please note: severe food allergy is best supported by a specialist team).

Nutrition deficiencies – support to balance nutrition through food and supplementation if needed.

Gut problems – constipation, stomach aches and abnormal bowel motions in children.

Autism spectrum disorder – children with ASD may eat differently to their peers, we can help work towards a more nutritious eating pattern.

We are creating a multidisciplinary team to co locate with. If you are a therapist looking for a space we would love to hear from you.