Join our team

Join our team

Klint Kids is a paediatric physiotherapy service that specialises in children with disabilities and neurological conditions to help them achieve their highest potential. With a dynamic team of paediatric neurological physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, we see a variety of children every day.

We currently have 2 main clinics and 2 satellite sites, as well as providing support outside of these locations with home, school, and community visits. We have visiting multidisciplinary services to support our clients including speech, music and occupational therapy.

At Klint Kids, we have a strong culture of collaboration, joint working, shared learning, and clinical excellence.

We offer:

– Personal Development workshops 3 times a month

– Case conferences weekly

– Supervision fortnightly

– Access to co-treatment/shadowing whenever needed.

We are committed to always supporting one another through challenges and celebrating wins when children and therapists achieve their milestones and goals.

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