Intensive Therapy for Children Melbourne

Intensive Therapy for Children

If your child with additional needs and developmental delay is struggling with mobility or experiencing  physical challenges, intensive physiotherapy could be an approach to shake up the status quo and build up the progress. Klint Kids is a paediatric physiotherapy clinic located in Melbourne, that provides intensive physiotherapy services for children.

What is Intensive Physiotherapy?

Intensive physiotherapy is therapy that involves more frequent and extended sessions compared to traditional physiotherapy.

It’s designed to help children achieve their goals faster by providing them with intensive practice in one-on-one therapy sessions. The therapy is customized to each child’s unique needs and can be adjusted as they progress.

The evidence shows that the repetition and practice with intensity helps the brain to rewire (plasticity) and learn most effectively. In the 2000’s this was suggested to be 1/ week for 6 weeks. Now the evidence shows daily treatment over 2-3 weeks can be even more effective.

What are the Benefits of Intensive Physiotherapy for Kids? 

  1. Faster Progress: Intensive physiotherapy can help children achieve their goals faster than traditional therapy. The more frequent burst of sessions allow therapists to work with children in a more focused and targeted way, which can accelerate progress. Learning a new tricky skill needs physio support to begin with, but by the end of the intensive this is something your child will be able to do more independently so you will be able to support this goal at home.
  2. Improved Motor Skills: Intensive physiotherapy can help children improve their motor skills, including balance, coordination, and strength. By focusing on these areas, children can become more independent and confident in their abilities.
  3. Better Quality of Life: By improving their motor skills, children can engage more fully in activities they enjoy, such as sports and play. This can lead to a better quality of life and improved self-esteem.
  4. Customized Approach: Intensive physiotherapy is customized to each child’s unique needs, allowing therapists to focus on specific areas of concern. This approach can lead to more effective therapy and better outcomes.

Why Klint Kids?

Klint Kids is a paediatric physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne that specializes in intensive physiotherapy for children. Here are a few reasons why Klint Kids is a great choice

  1. Experienced Therapists: Klint Kids employs experienced physiotherapists who specialize in working with children. They understand the unique needs of children and are skilled at tailoring therapy to each child’s needs.
  1. Customized Therapy: Klint Kids offers customized therapy programs that are tailored to each child’s individual needs. This ensures that each child receives the most effective therapy possible.
  1. Klint Kids uses a variety of equipment and handling to help children achieve their goals. By being in clinic there is access to more toys and equipment such as treadmills, slings, balance boards, bobath therapy, blaze pods and theratogs as an adjunct to intervention. We try to balance our approach to not over support but facilitate at a challenging point where your child can take over the movement.
  1. Family-Centered Approach: Klint Kids takes a family-centered approach to therapy, involving parents and caregivers in setting up the therapy to fit your routine. Its a careful balance of fitting around your life, funding, time, fatigue. To make things work you will see your regular therapists who sets the goals but you may also meet another team member to fit in extra sessions but it’s an opportunity for an extra pair of hands and can sometimes generate new ideas. We pride ourselves on finding a package of care that suits you. This means that we can be flexible to make an intensive to suit you.

There a three elements to choose in setting up an intensive

How often per week This can be daily or 2/3 time a week. Eg we have provided every other day if you child struggles with fatigue.

The sessions length Can be 45mins – 2/3hours. Eg this depends on what your child can tolerate. No one learns effectively if they are tired. We can help advise on the right length of time.

How many weeks This can be 1 week to 3 weeks eg often we set this up to be 2 weeks, but we have adapted this if you need to manage your funds or you want to see how your child responds. We are happy to try and repeat this intensive again in a couple of weeks if gains have been achieved.

We have two sites in Melbourne to offer intensives at Glen Waverley and Narre Warren. We want to work for what is best for you and your child so please feel free to let us know what you are looking for. Our intention is that we help your child attain a new skill in the intensive block which can be put back into practice at home and so it can be consolidate into normal practice.