Early Intervention Physio for Kids

What is Early Intervention Physio

Early intervention simply means, starting therapy as early as possible in order to achieve the best results and minimise longer term problems.

Every baby is supported by their family in order to thrive, learn and develop. Children with developmental delay and/ or disabilities often need more guidance in order to participate and be able to live a full and happy life.

Early intervention treatment for infants and children with disabilities and/or delays means supporting the family and setting up the surroundings to challenge and support the child’s development and ensuring they can participate in their home and with their peers.

Early intervention is best targeted at children aged 0-6 and is aiming to reduce the gap between the child and their peers. When the child is older than 7 a diagnosis is necessary to receive NDIS support.

The sooner a child with disabilities and/or developmental delay has access to early intervention that is targeted to their specific needs, the more success is possible.

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